Episode 25: Beauty Back

In today’s episode Erin discusses the idea of why art matters even in sad and uncertain times. Maybe even ESPECIALLY in sad and uncertain times. Erin refers to teacher and Franciscan Priest Richard Rohr and discusses his book the Naked Now. Rohr writes about a mantra, “Beauty Back,” that he developed with help from a…More

Episode 23: The Road Trip Survival Guide with Rob Taylor

Episode 23: The Road Trip Survival Guide with Rob Taylor In this episode, Erin talks with Founder and Editor of the 2traveldads.com, the “original LGBT family blog.” Rob is a dad, husband and all-around amazing human. He is also the author of two books, the Road Trip Survival Guide and the Ultimate Travel Journal for Kids.…More

BONUS Episode: Child Artist Exercise with Lara Hopkin

Learn how to invite your child artist into your current art practice. Erin and her sister Lara Hopkin share their own real life exercise in this special bonus episode. Here is how you can follow Erin and the Thank You For Making That podcast: Podcast: https://thankyouformakingthat.com https://www.facebook.com/thankyouformakingthat/ https://www.instagram.com/thankyouformakingthat/ Erin: https://www.facebook.com/Barnandtown/ https://www.instagram.com/barnandtown/ If you are listening,…More

Episode 20: Be Your Own Guide

Erin guides listeners through a short exercise designed to connect us with a younger part of our creative selves. Erin suggests grabbing a journal and sitting in a quiet spot for a few minutes as you participate in the exercise.  Here is how you can follow Erin and the Thank You For Making That podcast:…More

Episode 19: Adam Pinkham + Offset Cider Works

Adam Pinkham, Founder of Offset Cider Works joined Erin on the podcast today to talk about craft cider and what it takes to get a creative business off the ground. Adam had some solid truth to share about how to push through criticism and what voices you need to prioritize above the rest.  Here is…More

Episode 18: 10 Ways That Art Can Change Your Life

Erin shares ten lessons that art has taught taught her including bravery, patience and integration. Erin asks what should be added to the list and invites listeners to send a note to thankyouformakingthat@gmail.com with suggestions.More