Episode 3: How to Be Great at Failing

Erin talks about failure and why artists need to get good at failing. She recommends three books as good guides for failure, resilience and authenticity. It’s all about getting back on the horse and using criticism or failure to propel you forward. Erin talks about a lesson from the Great British Baking Show with a…More

Episode 2 – Go Make Art: A Practical Guide

Erin talks about three essential things you need to move forward with your creative practice. HINT: you don’t need to spend a lot to make it happen. She goes on to talk about where to shop for supplies when you are ready and recommends a few out-of the-box ideas for sourcing materials. Finally, the Artist…More

Episode 1 – Art: A Love Story

Episode 1, Season 1 – Art: A Love Story. Listen here! This is my love story to art and creativity but it is also my attempt to build a bridge and to provide a few tools for you as you navigate the anxiety and uncertainty of the world right now. I plan to bring you…More