Episode 15: Raise Your Creative Voice

In this episode, Erin talks about artistic voice and about an artist’s unique perspective including four things that make up an artist’s artistic voice: 1. Memories. 2. Ordinary things. 3. Practice. 4. Skills. Links to artists mentioned throughout the show: – Johannes Vermeer: http://www.essentialvermeer.com – Hilary Pecis https://www.hilarypecis.com – Pedro Pedro http://www.pedroproducts.com – Daniel Gordon: http://www.danielgordonstudio.com If you…More

Interview with Kelly Sullivan: Art + Chronic Illness

Erin welcomes Kelly Sullivan to the show today to talk about what art can bring to life amidst chronic illness and other challenges. Kelly is a proud mother of 4 boys, Early childhood educator for 18+ years (now retired) and, she says, receiver of Chronic Illness 2 years ago ( Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ M.E.). Kelly loves…More

Rev. Debbie Montzingo: Art & Spirituality

In this episode, Erin welcomes Pastor Debbie Montzingo to the show. Erin shares that Pastor Montzingo was her high school drama coach and English teacher but today serves as Pastor at Bethany Covenant Church in Lyndhurst, Ohio. Pastor Debbie received her MDiv from Fuller Seminary in 2013 and was ordained by the Evangelical Covenant Church…More

Kyle Marty: Dreams Take Flight

In this episode, Erin talked to Kyle Marty about his creative practice, the things he likes to cook, a kitchen tool he can’t live without and his new business.  Order from Fylin’ Taco here: https://www.flyintaco.com  Find out more about the Culinary Arts programs that Kyle talked about here:https://snoisletech.com/classes/culinary-arts/ and here: https://www.edmonds.edu/programs/clart/default.html Kyle’s social media channels: YouTube: The Fylin Taco…More

Episode 11: Leave Blank Space

In this episode, Erin talks about the importance of things not done both in life and in art. In art, there is a term called “white space,” which refers to the portion of a work of art that is left unmarked. White space brings balance to a piece. Erin tells a story about what she…More

The Intentions Episode: 2021 Edition

Erin’s husband Jeremy joins the podcast to talk about intentions for 2021. They laugh and reminisce through lists from past years and admit that not everything on the list gets done! Erin talks about a great documentary that inspired one of the intentions for the year. That documentary is called, Less is Now and is…More

What Held Up For Me in 2020

Erin talks about the things that held up for her during a year of global pandemic and economic recession. She talks about her art practice and running. She goes on to reveal the element that has carried her through this year and a skill that may have been honed by survival brain.  Erin acknowledges that…More

Christmas Cookie Bonus Episode

Erin talks to the Queen of Christmas cookie-making, her mom Kathy, for a special bonus episode in honor of the Christmas Holiday. As a kid, cookies were a central pillar of the Christmas holiday. And, during my conversation with my mom today, I realized that she was making almost 1500 cookies each year. The cookies…More

Episode 6: Artist Michelle Faber: Art, Healing and the Courage to Create

Erin is joined by Artist Michelle Faber to talk about art, healing and the courage to create. A conversation between artists MUST include art supplies and Michelle shares her favorites. Michelle shares a few favorite artists – featured in the artist spotlight for the week. Be sure to check out links to their work below.…More