Interview with Kelly Sullivan: Art + Chronic Illness

Erin welcomes Kelly Sullivan to the show today to talk about what art can bring to life amidst chronic illness and other challenges. Kelly is a proud mother of 4 boys, Early childhood educator for 18+ years (now retired) and, she says, receiver of Chronic Illness 2 years ago ( Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/ M.E.).

Kelly loves the outdoors, learning new things, and watching the wonder in a child’s eye as they discover the world around them.

Kelly suffers from Myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME which is a chronic post viral illness. According to the ME Action website, the disease is triggered by infection in the majority of patients.  ME may be severe: 75% of those affected are unable to work and 25% are homebound or bedridden. ME is a common chronic consequence of viruses, with 10-12% of those with serious infection going on to develop the disease. Kelly reports that the illness is becoming increasingly more common for people who have contracted COVID – a group described by some as “long-haulers.”

Please see the ME Action Website for more information and opportunities to get involved: * * * If you enjoyed the show, please take a minute to subscribe, rate and review!

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